CIECAP – Comparing Course Content in Comparative Education Through Transnational Networking

CIES Charleston2009

A dynamic example of the politics of comparison has emerged through the evolving interest in examining the course content of comparative and international education. CIECAP – Comparative & International Course Archive Project is dynamic web-based global resource that continues to expand its extensive network of course outline information, bibliographic references, and themes developed in the content of university coursework. CIECAP is actualizing the current phase of its articulated plan through acquisition and uploading of course outlines in comparative education from U.S. universities and overseas institutions of higher education. A coding system has also been integrated into the database to analyze previous and updated information, and set the stage for comparative analysis of factors that may suggest best practices in terms of course content in the teaching of comparative education throughout the world. In 2005 the CIECAP project was formally accepted and endorsed by World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) and has led to access to associations worldwide belonging to the WCCES. The methodology of CIECAP has created a dynamic opportunity to actualize transnational networking within the politics of comparison, through the pragmatic web-based application of transnational research leading to comparison within the field of comparative and international education.

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