Standard Deviation

Another Day.

Another decimal point in my life,

As a standard deviation.

A critical value always askew,

From the normal parametrc distribution.

I correlate with outliers,

Reject the null hypothesis,

Of mean, median, and mode.

Some relate to the bell curve.

A few relate to the gong.

Driven by kinetic power,

Stopped only by the shell of a bell,

From stretching into the oblivion of a quad z-score.

The square of the standard deviation

Is the realm of my variance.

My cell address an extreme value

Along the linear scatterplot.

Living repression, suppression, depression,

Within a life of multiple regression!

As an independent variable,

I'm a lonely matched pair,

Seeking a relationship with a correlated group.

Life is a chi-square!

Random struggle between expected and observed.

My P value is my personal probability.

My level of significant difference,

Expressed in the life of a..

Standard Deviation