Foot In The Ocean

Time for the big step!

An insignificant foot

Slowly approaches the enormity of God.

How humbling to be baptized,

To feel the coolness, the liquid if Eternity.

It's the life that engulfs me!

The swirl of molecules of a saltwater Spirit

Caressing my skin again and again,

And softly repeating a lullaby,

The song of the ocean wave.

Bubbles swirl 'round and breathe my presence.

Impossible to resist the addiction,

I stand for minutes...into hours.

Five minutes more, then more.

Building an imprint of immersion.

My foot is in symbiosis with nature,

A connection with eternal Life

What might it feel like in heaven?

Perhaps......A foot in the ocean.

Published in the Journal of Advanced Development June 2008 Volume 1