Somewhere out there

Is a woman of power

Biding her time,

While male world leaders

Control the chessmen,

And steadily exert their manly aggression

In worldly power struggles

Over land, oil, wealth and dogma.

The woman of power

Synergizes the energy

Of powerless women and children.

The lone queen

Will not become a pawn.

She will speak with one voice,

For the hearts of many.

She is the soul of the eternal mother,

The soul that has mourned

The loss of husbands, brothers, sons,

Across the battlefields of time.

The woman of power

Will unite women and shepherd children,

In one worldwide symphony.

A chorus of PEACE!

An echo ’round the world.

Harmony will overcome discord.

She knows the time to speak,

To haunt male aggression

With the tears of history.

The woman of power

Speaks for the souls of women and children,

Who cry out for a world at peace.