NNAT Non-Verbal Ability Test

This presentation gives a thorough overview of the aspects of the NNAT – Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test. It explains the various types of items and analyzes the achievement of kindergarten students within the item types over a ten year period. The school district used in this longitudinal study has four elementary schools, with a district population that spans the complete socio-economic spectrum, including one school with a 65% Hispanic population. It was this population that led to the decision to use the NNAT with all kindergarten students due to its non-verbal quality that would not be a disadvantage in testing kindergarten children whose first language is not English. As the test was used over the course of ten years, it also became evident that there were still some subtle inconsistencies experienced as part of the ELL and kindergarten context of test administration. The presentation explains several minor test administration adaptations that helped to improve the validity of the results. An overall analyses of the results over the period of ten years shows there is still a socioeconomic dynamic manifest in the results, however, the slight adaptations helped to identify a more representative sample of students from all socioeconomic levels.

University of Iowa 2004