The Matterhorn

A spectacular natural wonder.

Majestic beauty.

Power and silence.

Overwhelming quality of peace.

A reminder of the source of creation.

Based on love and the feeling of oneness.

Helping humanity create a world of harmony.

The inspirational Matterhorn.

Proclaimed an international peace mountain."

The dedication on a Zermatt plaque,

Acclaims the feeling in my soul.

The insight into an unsettling conundrum.

What is the magic of the Matterhorn?

To sit in repose for hours,

Eyes affixed to the mountain,

Is to feel the pure essence of peace.

The element is barely disturbed,

By clicking cameras, clambering children,

And the crunch of earth beneath hundreds of hiking feet.

Yet the mountain smiles down,

With the silence of confident power.

It doesn’t move or sway,

As ambitious climbers jab axes and crampons

Into its jagged, rocky skin,

As helicopters swing bundles of mountain hut supplies,

Settling on the knee of its Hornli Ridge.

In a way, the Matterhorn is a reminder of God.

One peak, three sides one side unseen.

The Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit.

The silent strength and power.

The wisdom of a Higher Being,

Who lets us scatter beneath,

Trying to energetically enhance ourselves,

Through closer connection with the mountain.

The Matterhorn stands ageless

Shining at times with rare energy,

In the glory of blue sky and white snow.

Raining at times to show us how to cry.

Cloudy at times to encapsulate patience.

Its weather teaching us how to live with questions,

Rather than always needing answers.

And then there’s cold, ice, and snow,

That forces us to stay back,

And learn to survive our personal winters.

Yet the sun always returns

To radiate the Matterhorn,

And frame the sparkling Trinity pyramid

With the cloak of a virgin blue sky.

It’s so hard to leave the presence of the Matterhorn,

On a day that is clear and crisp,

When the mountain refuses to surrender to clouds.

Such a day is a grace, a gift.

Such an experience, pure peace.

Such is the essence of majesty,

That draws one back to the mountain.

That draws one to

The Matterhorn