Differentiation Station

It’s TIME to set the PACE and supercharge STEM instruction with the optimal FUEL INJECTION for differentiation. How ironic that based on the HORSEPOWER of a VEHICLE’s ENGINE, one SELECTs the GRADE of REGULAR, PLUS, or SUPER gasoline to meet the need for OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE?? That metaphor could be applied to BRAINPOWER in the international GRAN PRIX of STEM. In the DIFFERENTIATION STATION MODEL, math students FILL UP with the right FUEL to SUPERCHARGE learning. Take a TEST DRIVE to TUNE UP metacognition and ENGAGE GEARS using TIMSS testing mathematical sub-skills in the STP (Steering Toward Progress) application of the theory of FLOW (First, Learning, Optimal, WOW) and ZPD to LANES in efficiency in MPG (Math Performance Goal). This MODEL is designed to PUMP UP all students to avoid NEUTRAL and PIT STOPS, and PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL! OIL (I’ll) WARRANTY you’ll get the CHECKERED FLAG using this WINNING VEHICLE of INDY-pendent NON-STOP ACCELERATION.

DIFFERENTIATION STATION is an independent or group instructional model where major mathematical sub-skills are identified based on TIMSS international testing. TIMSS has a skill progression that correlates with Common Core Standards. Instructional packets are developed based on an orderly management using the integration of acceleration with enrichment to support curriculum compacting in the classroom setting. The automotive and gas station metaphors provide kid-friendly motivational symbols encouraging intrinsic motivation and high level engagement.