Melted Ice

Kathleen Stone c. 2007

Tumor and its fragmented messengers

Have attacked my vulnerable breast.

Like the D-Day invasion,

I am responding with all the forces of my soul.

My body engages my threatened immune system

To destroy the malignant masses.

My mind and spirit spring into action,

With the power of visualization.

The cancerous onslaught like a sudden ice storm.

The tumor like an ice cube,

The fragments like malignant chips,

Infiltrating the vessel of my essence.

My mind becomes the most powerful sunlight,

Heating, destroying the unwelcome intruders.

Like an ice cube set on the pavement,

I imagine it melting with the absorption

Of brilliant solar rays.

For what I truly see in my cancer cure.

Is a vision of its slow, total disintegration…

Like ice melting, pooling and evaporating,

Vaporizing, every so gradually, into nothing.