Teacher’s Heart

By Kathy Stone C. 2012

A new class, new young faces

Smiles, apprehension, a fresh start.

Destined to steal the teacher’s heart.

A gardener with the seedling in soil.

Nurturing, coaching them all,

To play the game of school.

How can students and parents know?

How can they imagine?

Such a multiplicity of transient thoughts

That define the daily craft.

The weary sharing of fragments of love,

With every emerging young soul.

From reminders of assignments

To courtesy and compliments,

The language of love.

Love for every student grows.

Any teacher knows,

As the labor of love flows.

Tenatious tentacles of trust.

Are thrust like cognitive dust

Across mellow moments of eternity.

Preaching, reaching for their best.

Molding memorable moments

With honor and humor.

And at the year’s end,

That love bonded in the classroom

Is bound in the memoirs

of the teacher’s heart.

Students move on, life goes on,

But the love is not gone.

For every student pulls a teacher’s heartstring,

In a melody of memory forever.

And at the finale of a teacher’s career,

The heart is overwhelmed,

With a symphony of reverberations.

Years of young visual echoes.

Talents tapped, Gifts unwrapped,

Images of youth overlapped.

Launched in life’s start

Yet never to depart.

The love for each student Always in a Teacher’s Heart.